Omniblue is an effective bluetooth tracking solution to track people and assets. Perfect for real time indoor location tracking and geolocation technology.

Omniblue is powered by Omniscient, a multitechnology indoor & outdoor tracking platform with built-in data analysis tools.

What We Do

Improve Productivity

OmniBlue helps you track movable assets and people in
real-time, without the hassle of manual writing or
barcode-based scanning processes.

Install & Connect 

We recommend the Confidex Viking™ Bluetooth® Low-Energy (BLE) Industrial beacons! Start tracking the location of your assets and people, by tagging and connecting them to a gateway. 


Give the tags their own names and introduce them to the Omniscient web-based application, to enable the location-based services and relaying of messages to the cloud. 

Start Collecting Data

With the tags connected and moving, you can now detect anyone or any
items’ location, proximity, distance, temperature, and more in real time!

Confidex Viking™ Bluetooth® Low-Energy (BLE) Industrial Beacons

Confidex Viking™ Bluetooth® Low-Energy (BLE) Industrial beacons track the location of assets and people, with optional sensors for capturing environmental data. Confidex designed the Viking product family to be a modular BLE beacon family that raises the bar for industrial, indoor and outdoor, asset tracking to gain real time location and conditioning visibility.

Secure & Tamper Proof

Confidex Viking™ beacons are designed with security in mind. Confidex Viking™ beacons have integrated secure NFC interface with unique passwords for configuration and they do not allow changing of configuration through the Bluetooth interface. Confidex Viking™ beacons are turned on/off through the NFC interface which prevents malicious turning off of the beacons in public environments.

OmniBlue Bluetooth Tracking Solution

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