People & Asset Tracking

Case Study of People and Asset
Tracking For Construction Sites

Project: 51 floors | 280 meters high | 36 months of work | 24/7 | 1,800 workers


Improving Safety and Productivity on Construction Site

Knowing where everyone is on a construction project is key in terms of safety and organization. In high rise buildings, it can be tedious and inaccurate to identify where the manpower is deployed. Therefore, immediately getting a complete list of all workers currently working on the project and their last location can save lives in case of an emergency.

Key Goals

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Measure adequacy of the workforce with the program for quick actions if priorities are not respected or rampup targets not reached.

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Health & Safety

Real-time head-count per floor, trades and contractors.

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Identify bottlenecks, measure time spent to complete activities per floor.

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Measure men power per unit of work.



Installation of Sensors

1800 sensors have been deployed on this project to collect geolocation data.


Assets Location on a Worksite Virtual Map

On Omniscient's web platform, the worksite supervisor can visualize the workforce per floor in real-time, use the table view and smart search to quickly filter and navigate through the data.


Data analysis for a finer control of the construction process

Genuine decision-support tool, Omniscient's data analysis functionalities unleash the potential of data and helps this client in the day-to-day decisions.